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Good intentions in 2021 jeopardized by the taste ban on e-cigarette

“As an ex-smoker, you can no longer ‘vape’ with taste

is the step back to smoking a lot closer ” 

Many smokers who make New Year’s resolutions often consider so-called vaporers (e-cigarettes) as an option. The large choice of flavors and the possibility to lower the nicotine level offer opportunities to quit unhealthy smoking. However, State Secretary Blokhuis wants to ban the flavors. In addition, online sales should be curtailed and Blokhuis also wants to introduce the blank packaging of cigarettes to vapor products.

Cedric Sarfati, who has three J-Well specialty stores in Amsterdam and Utrecht, joins national campaigns against those plans. He calls Blokhuis’s plans “a war on vapes”. Buy E-Cigarette online.

“In the UK there has already been solid research showing that vaping is much less unhealthy than smoking. There you also see the numbers of smokers fall sharply and at the same time the number of vapers is increasing. Proof that vaping is a good alternative to smoking. But if vapers are only allowed to “vape” with a tobacco flavor, the step back to unhealthy smoking has been made smoothly. ” Buying e-liquid is possible online.

According to him, a taste ban as envisaged by State Secretary Blokhuis is harmful to health because smokers who have stopped smoking may start smoking again. A matter of putting the cart before the horse. “If a nicotine addiction can be reduced with a considerably less harmful medium than tobacco, that is a benefit for public health. Pleasant flavors play a crucial role in this. A less harmful alternative that tastes more attractive than tobacco makes smokers more likely to switch, ”says Cedric Sarfati.

Industry organizations indicate that the government is losing control of and insight into the product and its use. Blokhuis says he wants a taste ban because people who smoke first start smoking later. This is total bullshit. It’s the other way around. ”