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Selling illegal e-cigarettes 'disastrous for public health'

The trade association for Dutch e-cigarette shops Esigbond complains about the sale of illegal disposable e-cigarettes through many evening shops, day markets and foreign web shops. The organization says it has received dozens of complaints from members about this. According to Esigbond, it is important that sales stop immediately because many of these products are said to be wrong.

Illegal Cigarettes

‘We are seeing more and more foreign illegal single-use e-cigarettes appearing,’ says chairman Emil ‘t Hart. He mentions, among other things, the Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam as an example where these cigarettes could be found. “We even get signals that such products are being promoted on social media, such as TikTok,” he also says.

According to Esigbond, these unregistered e-cigarettes often have much too high nicotine levels and Dutch health warnings are missing on the packaging.Buy e liquids at mr-joy.com for more information. They would not comply with the law. Also, there would often not be a check on the minimum age when they are sold.

NVWA has not yet intervened despite requests

‘t Hart indicates that his organization has repeatedly asked the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority NVWA to intervene. ‘But to our great frustration, that’s not happening. That is disastrous, not only for the legal sellers, but also for public health.’ In the industry, it is experienced as ‘unacceptable’ that the government will ban the online sale of legal e-cigarettes and other tobacco products by 2023, while the back door for illegal products would still be ‘wide open’.

According to Esigbond, there are approximately 160 so-called vape specialist shops in the Netherlands. The members of the trade association often also have their own online store.