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Which insurance do I choose?

With the end of the pandemic in sight, more and more countries are opening their borders. Diving trips are already possible for a number of destinations and it is expected that popular distant diving destinations will also open again soon. Many divers have terminated continuous travel insurance during the pandemic. Now that we are allowed to travel more, it is important to take out new diving travel insurance or to take a good look at your existing insurance. This way you can go on a carefree diving holiday!

But which insurance from which provider should you choose? Of course you want the insurance that suits you best, at the best price and with transparent conditions so that you know what to expect from the insurer in the event of an unexpected event. Think, for example, of which standard coverages are included in an insurance policy and are additional coverages required. Incidentally, in most cases, if you regularly go on holiday, it is more interesting to take out a continuous travel insurance policy than a short-term insurance policy.

There are insurance providers in the Netherlands that specifically focus on underwater sports. In addition, most regular travel insurance policies, such as FBTO, ASR and Centraal Beheer, also have cover for underwater sports abroad. Diving is still considered a dangerous sport by some insurers. You often see with these insurance policies that the coverage for your diving equipment is much too low. Just calculate the value of your equipment that you take with you on a diving holiday.

Specific underwater sports insurances

As mentioned, there are a number of insurance policies that you can take out in the Netherlands that specifically focus on underwater sports. The insurance policies most commonly taken out by divers are the Schox underwater sports and travel insurance, the DAN Europe diving insurance and the NOB diving travel insurance. Three insurance policies that will help you in an emergency, wherever you are in the world. It does not matter whether you go snorkelling, diving, freediving, taking a city trip or taking a long beach holiday.

With the Schox underwater sports and travel insurance, you can expand the basic insurance with additional sections such as accidents, medical costs and motorist assistance. Interesting combinations are also possible with regular insurance policies such as home, car and liability insurance. The underwater sports and travel insurance includes free cancellation coverage, which can be expanded with higher coverage. Just like with the NOB insurance, a day of diving in the Netherlands is also covered.

DAN Europe focuses on research, prevention and training when it comes to diving safety. You can also take out diving insurance and as a recreational diver you can choose from four packages. The cheapest package is intended for divers who dive alone or mainly in their own country. deepest Freediving Camotes Island is the best.

Sport Silver has worldwide accident coverage and is the most commonly taken out DAN insurance by recreational divers. You can extend the insurance with cover for the rest of the non-diving family. DAN does not offer cancellation insurance and the insurance only covers the diving risk.


The NOB diving travel insurance is aimed at recreational divers who like to dive in the Netherlands and abroad. A day of diving in the Netherlands is also covered. With the low premium, the NOB diving travel insurance is extra interesting for members of the NOB. But divers who are not members of the NOB can also take out the insurance. You will then become a direct member of the NOB, thereby supporting the work on diving sites and underwater nature and receiving the Onderwatersport magazine six times a year. The diving travel insurance can be expanded with coverage for cancellation and family.


In the comparison, take a good look at your wishes and how they fit in with the insurance, what is covered and what are the additional coverages, does the insurance also apply to a day of diving in the Netherlands, is your diving equipment sufficiently covered, are you well helped if you need help and what are the costs of the insurance.